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New Movie to be Filmed!
Talent This movie will be shot in various states throughout the South, but mostly in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Actual locations are still being considered and as of this date we have not confirmed a location. Also, if you belong to a re-enactment organization, feel free to contact us about how you and your unit may be part of this movie.

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Looking for Actors!

Best We're looking for extra's, wearing the uniforms of both sides, as well as some supporting actors. T. J. Cates is an experienced director and will be at the helm of this movie as well, which excites all of us who will be a part of it.

Starring: Gerry Glenn Jones, John Locke, and T. J. Cates. Co-Starring: Dorv Armour, Melanie Calvert Benton, Donald Meyers and Relic Clire!

Historical Advisor: W. R. Benton.

Book in the Mill!
Best Gerry Glenn Jones - Screenwriter
While "They Wore Blue and Gray" is Gerry's first screenplay, he's been writing for years. Gerry has written a story that will surely move you and it's without nudity, cursing, or extreme views blood and gore. This movie will be for all audiences and the ending will be a surprise. Author WR Benton has teamed up with Gerry, to write the book, "They Wore Blue and Gray."



Best Film Talent

We have a new movie in the Mill!

"They Wore Blue and Gray"

We work with all aspects of the Mississippi film and acting industry. Writers, producers, directors, camera operators, and anyone in the performing arts or film industry. If you're just a beginner or been involved with top movies or Mississippi film festivals, that's good, but not required. You need absolutely no experience, only we expect a serious interest.

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