Best Southern Film Talent!

As You May Know Film, Plays, Musicals, Top Movies, Film Festivals, and Acting are Big Business.

We are a small group of Southern actors and actresses that have joined forces in presenting an avenue for beginners and experienced alike to learn about Mississippi performing arts or exchange ideas. Some of us have attended acting schools and some have not. Our purpose on this site is to bring us all together, not offer tips on how to be an actor--acting schools do that. If you love Mississippi performing arts you're at the right place. You might even learn how to be an actor on this site. Mississippi actors and film is for everyone, not just folks who live in Mississippi. Many of our members live out of state!

WR Benton, an award winning writer and cartoonist, is also active on this site. His latest release, "War Paint," has been select by MVP3 to be produced into a movie, with Benton being a co-writer of the screenplay. To learn more about WR Benton orWar Paint, visit his sites.



Projected Projects

Talent Westerns are coming back!
A contract has been signed by WR Benton to have WAR PAINT made into a movie. News
news "They Wore Blue and Gray"
New Civil War Movie needing actors and actresses. If you are interested, read more.Movie
News Are you a screenwriter?
Then feel free to contact us as well and meet others! We try to help everyone.Movie

Best Southern Film Talent

We have two new movies in the Mill!

"War Paint" by WR Benton

A contract has been signed with MVP3 to produced War Paint into a motion picture. The movie is currently in the pre-production stages and casting is not being done yet. This site, nor Author WR Benton, will be involved witih casting, unless a call for general auditions is made. At that point we may post information on this site.


"They Wore Blue and Gray" by WR Benton & Gerry Jones

We work with all aspects of the Mississippi film and acting industry. Writers, producers, directors, camera operators, and anyone in the performing arts or film industry are partners. If you're just a beginner or been involved with top movies or Mississippi film festivals, that's good, but not required. You need absolutely no experience, only we expect a serious interest.


We are simply a starting point.

To learn more about the movies, casting, or other related jobs, check back often as information may change quickly.



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